Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bangkok - Day 7, 8 and 9

This is going to be a compact entry regarding the final 3 days we were in Bangkok since I stopped at Day 6 a month ago. LOL... probably more than just a month ago.

I bet my twin brother is so going to fly to Bangkok if I let him see more pictures of food there. Well, it's a good thing for him because he's been wanting to gain weight and for me, it's losing weight. Hahaha... Okay, I'll dream on for now...

On Day 7, we practically spent the whole day at Ancient Siam. Well, if you don't know anything about Ancient Siam, google it up. My explanation for Ancient Siam would be everything-in-one-place. Let's say you only have 2 days in Bangkok and you wish to visit all those historical places but you just don't have enough time.

Fret no more because... Ancient Siam is the place you should go to as you can visit Grand Palace, Floating Market, Temple of the Dawn and all at one place... this is the best of all as I love it when everything is convenient for me but the not-so-good thing is that, everything is mini me. Haha...

I never gave a lot of thought about Ancient Siam because first, I knew nothing about it and thought it might be yet another historically bored trip as I'm not a history person but somehow, this trip proved me wrong!

The ticket per entry per pax is 300 Baht which is equivalent to RM30.

I was really happy when I got to know that we could cycle around in Ancient Siam because the package came with bicycle rental. Not a lot of you know that I can ride a bike and now, in order to prove it to you, I've taken few pictures!

That was me, on the bike. Then, I decided to ask Sherene to take a picture of me riding the bike but it was hard to snap a picture of movement without a proper camera, so, I had to pose in order to her to snap the picture below...

Just as soon as I cycled by way into Ancient Siam, the serene scenery had breathtakingly taken away my breath. Alright, I made it sound so wrong. Whatever... It doesn't really matter, I just wanted to make it rhyme and that's all.

Anyway, let me just post some pictures up for you guys to see...

All of a sudden, the urge to meditate came to me and thus, I found the right spot for that, which is by the lake, right opposite the mini Grand Palace...

~ I am a poser, salute me ~

The aftermath of it? Haha... I've gone mad and started to act cute and if you think I'm cute too, thank you but if you think I'm not, too bad for you... Hahahahaha...

The Ancient Siam trip ended around 4 something and soon, when we reached the town, it was already 5p.m. and all of us were madly hunger.

Sherene decided to go to M.O.S. Burger and it was great for me because besides McDonald's, KFC, Sugarbun, Shakey's and Pizza Hut, I've never tried other fast food restaurants. M.O.S. is now is my list, peeps!

*happy, happy*

I'm usually not a pork person but mind you I'm still non-halal, okay? Yes, I'm usually not a pork person, in which it means I can still survive without pork.

Aiyo... Lemme continue, I keep on distracting myself... I'm usually not a pork person but that particular day, I decided to go for Pork Burger again after my previous Samurai Pork Burger feast at McDonald's. Geez... I've forgotten the name of the burger but whatever it is... this was my order...

If you are curious about the taste, lemme just tell you, for me, it tasted tad too plain but still okay because the pork was crispy. I still love McDonald's Samurai Pork Burger though. Haha... Let see if I will go back there again one of these days.

After dinner at M.O.S. Burger, we walked around Siam Center or Siam Paragon a bit and stopped by just to look at this pizza chef preparing his pizza dough. He was smiling all the way through when he saw everyone taking pictures and videos of him.

Oh, right, I tapao-ed McDonald's Pineapple Pie after that because I've never got the chance to try it out here in Malaysia when it was available so many years ago. Actually, I never got to know it was once available in Malaysia until somebody told me but I forgot who that person is.

And below is Thailand's infamous milk manufacturer and it's identical to Dutch Lady's Malaysia. Muahaha... Cetak rompak!

Thus, Day 7 ended and all of us went to sleep peacefully after walking around for the whole day. Well, with the air-conditioner being switched on, who wouldn't sleep soundly, right?

We did not do much on Day 8 itself because we thought of just walking around the town to do some last minute shopping as my luggage was already full and I needed a second hand-carry luggage.

Let's see... where did we go? Siam Center? Zen? Cannot remember. Haha... but I remember sitting inside this mini car and my Thai boyfriend brought us around IN the shopping mall. How cool is that?

The ride was really fun. I was hoping the driver would at least go another few more rounds before dropping us at our destination for lunch.

We stopped by this steamboat restaurant for its buffet lunch at around 298 Baht per person...

The steamboat lunch was quite nice and the best of all, you get to eat Tempura all you like! I remember going around the place to wait for the Tempuras to be served throughout the 2 hours we were there!

Imagine what a glutton I am and no wonder so fat!

After lunch, we walked around the shopping mall for a bit... I really cannot recall the name of the mall but it looks something like this...

I went to my FAVOURITE boutique!


In Malaysia or other parts of the world, it's called Forever 21 but in Thailand, it's called XXI Forever. Well, I didn't manage to get anything, firstly because I didn't want to overspend as most of the clothes can be found in KL as well but some of the nice ones... I cannot afford - like usual.

Shopping spree was over with a sip of coffee at Auntie Anne's... I ordered latte and this is how their latte looked like...

Simple presentation and yet enough to capture your attention.

Well, 49 Baht, what can you expect, right? For RM4.90, you should be thankful you can get this cup of latte. Starbucks sell a cup of latte for cheapest RM8 without tax but still, Starbuck's latte is nicer.

Oh, I remember taking this before I went to bed that day...

Green coloured pepsi and it tasted like lemon grass. Haha... For those of you who are NOT fans of lemon grass, make sure you don't get it.

All of us ended up buying so much junkies... This was my share...

I do think we've spent a lot of food alone. Haha... I'm a truly certified glutton, am I not?

That's it for Day 8...

Day 9 was our last day at Bangkok. Since our flight was scheduled at night, we had the whole morning to do something. Sherene and her sister went for massage while I waited for them. I'm not the kinda person who can stand massages so, I skipped.

After coming out of the massage parlour, we walked around the place only to discover really cheap manicure services!!!

Oh, before that, lemme tell you, I had Samurai Pork Burger for lunch and ordered an additional Corn Pie!

The best part of it, it's not available in Malaysia and the not-so-best part of it, it doesn't taste nice. I still prefer our Banana Pie at the end of the day.

Okay, let's go back to the topic regarding our manicure!

I've been a manicure virgin all these times and finally, finally...

*sobs, sobs*

I gave up my manicure virginity...

For the first time, I've gotten a Tai Tai's feeling - being pampered. Haha... I wish one day, my darling would pamper me the same way too. Haha... Let's not divert you. Anyway... Picture alone doesn't do the justice because in real life they were really shiny!!!

All that for only 150 Baht. Yes, RM15 only and OMG... it was so freaking cheap you-can-die! Where can you find manicurist to do all that for you for only RM15 in Malaysia?

~ Sherene's Love and Candies for RM50 ~

~ Vivien's Flower Power for RM40 ~

Damn pretty and cheap, right? I wanted so much to go for the more complicated ones but I didn't wanna waste so much money because I knew that I was going to start working at Starbucks just 3 or 4 days after doing my manicure.

There you go... That's the end of our Bangkok trip.

If there'd be another chance to go to Bangkok, I'll probably go again but of course not so soon and not now due to H1N1.

Anyway, update again soon, ciao!


simply Ed said...

The pic of someone medidating at the lake... so tempting to give it a good push... =P wakakakaka... jk lar... won't push lar...

Hmmm....could it be Siam Paragon mall or something like tat?????????

Guess which painted nails I love most??

why u look so woobly riding the bike??? U sure u know how to cycle

Angel Valerie said...


u and ur good idea of pushing me.

it's not Siam Paragon. we went to Paragon on the first day. nothing much because it's something like Pavilion here.

ur favourite should be the third, right?

i know how to cycle, okay? i had to hold still in order to take the picture. hahaha...