Tuesday, August 25, 2009

All or Nothing

Somehow a lot of things bring back memories.

There are times when you'd wish just to let things go with a snap of fingers but how many of us out there that can actually do it?

Can you still remember the promises?

Once promises are made, they are meant to be kept. If you cannot keep your promises, don't make any promises. At the end of the day, it will break another person's heart.

Can you still remember the distance in the eyes?

The time when you're giving up, have it ever cross your mind what another person would feel? The time when you're giving up, have it ever give it a thought if you are in the same situation as him or her, do you ever want the same thing to happen to you?

Can you still remember all those memories of the good old days?

"You'll find someone better. I'll pray for you."

Does it ever bite you that this will not happen in reality? In reality, if you've gone through countless bad memories, it is not likely you'll be bouncing back into a new relationship, at least for the nearest time.

Can you still remember when the phrase, "It's over," got to you?

What is your next reaction? Do you go to him or her telling him, "We'll still be friends," after he or she says, "We're breaking up," to you? Did you cry? Did you bang your fist on the table or against the wall, especially after you've done so much just because you truly care for him or her?

Sometimes, things happen without any reason - they just happen because everything is pre-destined. To take it in a simpler way, God has a plan for each and everyone of us.

Perhaps, in the past, what I've always wanted is just far beyond from what you can give because I wanted the best of you. I've always told myself, "In everything you do, you've to pour in 100% + 1% to be able to savour the sweetness of the fruit."

There are times I just want to be emotional. I'm sorry, guys... these days, a lot of things get onto my mind and they just disturb me so, so much.

If you're wondering that my stand has changed or not even especially going through so many bumps in my life, I'm going to tell you, still...

It's either ALL or NOTHING.

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