Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The angels in us...

I've been abandoning my blog these days...

Argh... I can't help it... I've been really busy nowadays to the extent that I don't even have sufficient time to do the stuffs I like. Life sucks...

Anyway, since you all know Imma busy person, I won't go and on and on regarding my work instead, lemme tell you something else. Something like... we are just like a choir of angels!

I signed up for another voluntary work and it involved our preciously beloved Zoo Negara...

I was happy when I signed up for the event the other day but when the day finally came, I needed to drag myself out of the bed because the weather that morning was so damn nice to be in bed - I hate working or even volunteering on Sundays, particularly Sundays with such nice weather to be in bed.

Anyway, no time to grumble!

There were 5 members assigned to our group.

Damn... I'm so freaking ugly in the picture above, I know, right? Whatever it is, the center of attention is not on me, so, scram!

First, we were told to clean up the pigs' sty and I got so shocked. It was only when we got to our destination that I realized we were not going to clean up the pigs' sty, instead, we were given a chance to get up close and personal with sea lions, parrots, hyena and a lot more animals at the Multi-Animal Show area.

Alright, we are done about the animal show. If you're interested, go to the zoo and pay RM10 for the entrance, that's all about it.

It was really funny that Ahmad got so excited when he saw a bunch of monkeys right after entering the zoo..

Things were still okay between the monkeys and Ahmad until he got to see the ding-dong of one of the monkeys there... He was laughing so loud that those monkeys were staring at us. I bet if they were let out, they were surely going to pounce at us!

Anyway, few more pictures taken in aquarium...

I saw really pretty corals there but didn't manage to take a lot of pictures since I was dead tired and yeah, no mood to take pictures!

Oiks, take picture also needs mood, alright?

Lastly, few extra pictures taken like... everywhere in the zoo... I have a lot more but it's just I'm too lazy to upload so many since it's not like each and everyone of you will want to see them...

~ Pose aku nak jadi model ~

~ Pose aku nak act cute ~

~ The "we are family" pose ~

~ The "we are so damn cute and shiok" pose ~

With another bonus picture of all of us trying to be supermodels, in which, Ahmad succeeded in posing like Lady Gaga while me, it seems to me like I'm trying to pose for Darlie or Colgate!

Till we meet again, people!

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