Thursday, May 21, 2009

Harlow, we iz kitties!

I'm feeling so freaking moody and lazy right now.

You know why?

It's because, from tomorrow onwards until next Wednesday, I'll be working non-stop for once again and that includes Saturday and Sunday, mind you.

So, in order to make myself happy for once again, Imma going to share some lame pictures of my kitties. I really miss my kitties so very much...

Waaaaaahhhh... I miss the kitties so much but still, still... I'm feeling terribly tired even just thinking about work and money-related problems. I wish I don't need to worry about all that and go through life happily each and every day.

Sigh... Kitties...

Yawn... I'm so sleepy after posting up this lame entry... I think I should go to bed early since I need to be up early tomorrow.

Good night, everyone!

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