Wednesday, May 13, 2009


My goodness...


Can you actually believe the weighing scale shows 79kg?!

Goodness gracious...


No, I'm not talking about myself but it's about my twin brother, Bernard. Gosh, that is so NOT possible at all and I'm not going to believe him - not at all.

I met up with Bernard just about 45 minutes ago and he's just left a moment ago. Gosh, the topic of our conversation today was about weight loss and gain, can you believe that? After all these years, Bernard is still trying to gain weight while I am still trying to lose weight instead I gained weight.

All that he could tell me was, "Believe me, I totally understand your feeling."

OMG, kill me, kill me, please kill me!

I'm really having hard time wanting to lose weight but I think it's all because of determination thingy that things never work out for me, instead I kinda gained weight, darn... Now, I really can't fit into my wedding gown already!

How? How? How?

I should really be talking about Part 4 of my weight loss journey but I've totally lost initiative to blog about it because I failed in losing weight and it sucks to feel so!

Dee told me I can lose weight if I stick to 3 jobs this semester break but still, she thinks I'm totally crazy to have taken up 3 jobs and at the same time, doing OT whenever I could. Well, cool, right, at least there's somebody who thinks I'm crazy.

Even Rin and Cassie think I'm mad too because on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday OR Sunday, I'll be working at Starbucks. Wednesday, I have to deliver lecture at Vision College. Basically, Thursday will be the ONLY day that I'm free.

Good but then again, will I really lose weight if this kinda life goes on? I certainly hope Dee is right about this thing.

P/S - Don't you just love my new header? I love it to the maximum because I spent an hour or so doing that!


clement said...

me... 94... hahahaha

Angel Valerie said...

u crapping only...

clement said...

ha ha... have u seen how fat i get since last year? ha ha

Angel Valerie said...

no... u used to be like that n now, i bet u're still like that.