Monday, March 2, 2009


Yes, my blog is depriving of pictures, especially with me in them - I've just came to notice that a while ago when I went through friends' blogs.

Darn... Since Alice and I moved out of SS2, it's been so damn long since I last whipped out my camera and started to camwhore away like we usually did before. We could even take stupid pictures of stupid expressions in the past and laughed at those pictures afterwards.

But, why, oh, why?

I can't find the motivation to take pictures anymore. Lucky I didn't get a DLSR last year or else I'd be regretting over it now - even getting a Sony Cybershot T2 makes me wonder why the heck would I buy it back then.

All those pictures of me that I've posted up not long ago were mostly taken months back and yeah, I know... grumble all you like because I still don't have the motivation to take pictures yet, even when it comes to going out with Baby.

First of all, Baby didn't make a BIG deal of me not taking pictures with him or whatever it is and secondly, he isn't exactly the type of guy who is into taking pictures.

So, that explains why I don't have even ONE decent picture of myself uploaded here nowadays. Ha-ha-ha. Very funny.

Sigh... I'll try and see if I can take any nice ones soon...

For now, I need to sign off to get myself ready to go to work and after which when I get my butt home at night, I need to work my ass off on my assignments!

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