Saturday, February 28, 2009


I was damn pissed off last night, alright?

I was cursing all the way from PJ to my brother's office at The Weld and I couldn't stop mumbling, grumbling and complaining about all the fucking shit that happened earlier!

On the whole, before 7.30pm, everything was great from class to discussion. Then, after discussion with PL at Jaya One, I've finally decided to go to Kimarie to cut my hair again. I've decided to go short this time around.

When I finally got to Kimarie at 7.45pm, the receptionist told me, "Miss, I'm sorry but we're closed at 8 but you can come tomorrow as we'll be open for business at 10.30am."

Okay, I was depressed already because I've been thinking and thinking if I should go short and when I've finally made up my mind, they told me they're closed?! Okay, no big deal, my bad. So, I told PL that I wanted to go to Thomas & Guys.

We went round and round and round SS2 only to realize that Thomas & Guys have gone bankrupt! Dammit... I cannot tahan already, alright?

Are there no other fucking decent salons at SS2 besides Thomas & Guys and also Kimarie?

So, I told PL that I'd forget about getting a haircut and went to Seapark for the infamous nasi lemak. I was happy because I found a parking lot just as soon as I got there but... the story didn't end there, alright?

When we stepped out of the car, that was the time we realized the mamak stall wasn't open for business!

Fuck la, alright!

I went there all the way there and it wasn't even open for business!

I had to have my dinner at Kayu Nasi Kandar and all the way there, I was mumbling, grumbling and cursing that even PL said it was her first time seeing me so freaking pissed that I scattered my plate of nasi lemak.

Dammit, why do things go wrong in a single night alone?

How not to be angry, you teach me!

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