Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cause you have a bad day...

Yes, I have had a bad day - everything starting from early morning until late at night was bad. So bad that you couldn't even imagine how pathetic my life is these days... In fact, I've just complained to Bernard about every single thing that took place since my shift started today.

I did freaking hell lotsa mistakes that I was bombed by TJ for more than 3 times. First, there was wrong labeling of drinks. Instead of marking "L" at the drink section, I went and marked "T" there. When TJ was preparing drinks, he was furious and asked, "Angel, what the heck is this? There's NO such drink as "T" here!"

Okay, my bad, that was my mistake.

Again, when I was preparing drinks - I got confused between Iced Caramel Macchiato and Iced Latte. For Latte, shots are supposed to be poured into cups first but for Iced Latte, milk is supposed to be first but I got mixed up because another partner told me that shots are to be first. TJ was mad again and asked, "Who was the one that tell you shots should be poured into cups instead of milk for Iced Latte?"

Darn... I was already in a bad mood and he caught me red-handed. What can I say to defend myself? To put the blame on another partner just because he taught me that? No, I wasn't even mad at TJ for bringing this up because I know I was wrong.

Later on, when it was closing time, I was supposed to clean up the bar. Since I've done my job earlier than expected, I did the bar map. TJ was curious when he saw me doing that and asked, "Angel, do you know what shift you're in? Is cleaning the bar map your job?"

I was like, "Err... no but another partner didn't do, so, I thought I would just help her since she went back already."

Then, you should see TJ's expression, "Don't go and poke your nose into other people's job, okay? If that's NOT your job, you don't need to do it for them!"

My baddest bad... Kind deeds don't applied here, you know? But never mind, I think I should be able to differentiate what is MY job and what is NOT.

Sigh... It was a long day and I'm glad it's over. Also, yes, I'm looking forward to go home tomorrow that I wish time would just sizzle now.

I missed sayang's call today - he was just trying to reach me, telling me that he was at IJN, waiting for his dad outside the operation theatre. At the same time, he was urging me to go visit him and his dad since I'd be back tomorrow and we won't see each other until next Friday. Ah... All of a sudden, I feel like I'll be missing him, not much but a bit - him and his naughty and silly jokes that would always cheer my day.

I'll be updating soon - as soon as I got home!

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