Friday, November 21, 2008

Sweetscents Haul

I'm so happy, happy and happy. Firstly, gmail upgraded their service and now, I can have princessy and pretty theme for my used-to-be typically, boring blue theme.

Yay... Happy!

Secondly, holidays are finally HERE!!! Yahoo!

Why ah? Why am I so happy when I feel so fat at the same time? I know, I know, there's no relation between being happy and feeling fat but I can't help to feel that way. Please, make me forget that I'm fat!

Thirdly, yay, yay, yay! My sweetscenes' pigments arrived today! OMG... I was so happy, can?

Before I proceed, lemme just let those make-up fanatics know that Sweetscenes are mineral pigments from U.S. that are suitable for all skin types - if you are interested, please visit Enpointe Pigments for more details.

~ Sweetscents Pigments ~

The colours are gorgeous, people, yes, they're gorgeous! On the whole, I bought one set of those colours in mini jars - 5 colours or foundations for RM20. If you opt for zippy bags, you can choose 6 colours or foundations for just RM15.

Believe me, those colours are GORGEOUS! I ordered...

1. Amenthyst supposed to be Amethyst
2. Iced Lilac
3. Smokey Mauve Pearl
4. Sunkissed Glo
5. Fair Neutral Glo

Please take note that number 4 and 5 are foundations of different shades and tones. They have 3 different shades.

Let me show you the colours that I've gotten.

~ Camera Flash On ~

~ Camera Flash Off ~

Believe me, the colours are gorgeous. They have wider selection of other colours from Sweetscents if you are interested. Best of all, if you are a fan of M.A.C. they have it in store for you too.

After this, I might consider on getting a second set, perhaps blueish or greenish pigments. Dammit, I have those colours of eye-shadows already but the temptation is there!

Sherene, you might wanna try this!

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