Thursday, September 25, 2008

Naili's Place

I wasn't really aware to this place although it's located somewhere nearby where I'm staying right now. Me brother has been mentioning about Naili's Place on and off but I paid no attention to him until I read a review about this particular place and finally, I've made up my mind that I need to get my big butt there one of these days!

So, my wish was granted when me brother has finally brought me there for dinner like 5 hours ago - I'm so proud of myself right now to be sitting here and blog about Naili's Place because this is like my fastest attempt to update my blog as soon as I got home after a long day.

The ambiance there is really so damn nice I tell you! It is really awesome! You'll feel like you've gone overseas just to get your butt in a restaurant like Naili's - I'm not lying! You see, I'm playing to arrange a birthday bash for a friend of mine at Naili's some time on this month because I've totally fallen in love with the ambiance there!

So, for this entry, I'll give the ambiance a different rate...

Well, that's the maximum star! 10 out of 10 - what do you expect? The ambiance is superb - suitable for friends and family! Guess what? Naili's is catering for birthday parties, meetings and stuffs like that!

Okay, lemme refresh you on what we've ordered for dinner...

~ Temasik Rice Special - RM12.90 ~

~ Cantonese Style Fried Kueh Tiao with Beef - RM10.90 if I'm not mistaken ~

~ Mermaid - RM8.90 ~

~ Rainbow Tree - RM8.90 ~

The food itself at Naili's Place has nothing to shout about because honestly, I'd say you can actually find these food like anywhere, any corner within Malaysia or maybe out of Malaysia too. The service isn't very good too because the place is like tooooooo damn spacious so, the waiters and waitresses couldn't see us!

This is my review on the food at Naili's Place...

Other than that, I would not make further remark because I think it's definitely worth paying this place a visit because of it's really scenic view at night and the ambiance as well...

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