Friday, September 19, 2008

Green Tea Chorella Instant Noodles

Throughout my three years at KL, I think I've consumed more instant noodles than any other things besides fast food. Instant noodles have become one of my best foodie friends.

Just recently, me brother bought few packets of Green Tea Chorella Instant Noodles for me and he brought them all the way from Sibu. It's not that you can't find one here at KL but there is price difference - around RM1 I'd say.

Hahaha... I was first attracted to it before because never in my life have I seen instant noodles green in colour! Yes, when I say green, I mean really G-R-E-E-N! Okay, I might sound a little too outdated but then, in Sibu, it's not likely you can find green-coloured noodles!

When you opened the packet, this is what you'll see...

Well, for me, there's nothing special with the noodles or so because it looks like any other instant noodles out there.

So, instead of just cooking the noodles with the seasoning... here, this is what I've added...

Haha... Yes, above is my serving suggestion. Well, it tastes normal - nothing to shout about. That's why I'm not going to review it or so. If you're interested, you can also check it out because it's easily available at Jusco or Cold Storage.

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