Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sushi East @ Ipoh

Being a fan of Japanese food, I've always look forward to try out sushi-s from different places. If I could go to Japan to try their sushi-s, it'd be a dream comes true but that's another story. Perhaps in years to come, I might be able to make millions in a year to enable myself to travel to Japan.

It always feel great after Japanese meal, you know? But I've not try Sake yet. One of these days, I'll try it out and tell those who have not taste it yet, of the taste. Haha...

During my previous visit to Ipoh, I went to Sushi East with a friend of mine. Just like me, she's very into Japanese food and loves sushi-s a lot.

Upon reaching there, we were given a menu that looks like this...

Like usual, whenever we're at Sushi King, having green tea is a MUST. It becomes a habit to me to have green tea already actually. Well, at Sushi East, they serve green tea too, for free as well and just like Sushi King, you can always ask them to refill the green tea for you.

Honestly, the price of the different dishes in the menu doesn't come in cheap for a small portion if you're a BIG eater. Haha. Okay, that was a joke. I'm trying to save a little to pamper myself since it's shopping season again now.

Okay, enough of lame jokes. Let me proceed with the food that we've ordered.

These Tuna Rolls look nice. Initially, I thought they'd taste as good as they look but after the first bite, I changed my mind. No, it's not that they're not nice, it's just I don't like raw tuna. That's all, so, don't get me wrong. Right, right, the price... It's RM13.90.

These are the most YUMMILICIOUS salmon sushi-s ever, I tell you! If you so happen to be at Ipoh, go to Sushi East, just to taste it! At the same price as Tuna Rolls, they're even more tasty than those you can find at Sushi Kings.

Then, comes the cheapest Miso Soup ever! For a freaking RM1.40, you can get a bowl of Miso Soup at Sushi East.

Honestly, I did order Cawan Mushi but it's kinda a little pricey for tofu and eggs... I paid RM4 for that freaking tofu and eggs with few pieces of shapey fish balls... Expensive but tasted good.

Verdict of the day - go to Sushi East just to eat their Salmon Rolls and don't order the rest yet because if you fill up your tummy with other food, you can't have a lot of Salmon Rolls already.

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