Thursday, July 24, 2008

A little bit of update...

If there's someone who hasn't been to your nearest cinema to catch "The Dark Knight" just yet, I reckon you should do so because first of all, it's Heath Ledger's final piece of work and secondly, Bale looks totally hot in this movie.

Yes, I've watched it two days ago and I can brag all about it. Na, na, na... You can hate me for that now.

Why so serious?

Actually, nothing to be serious about.

Getting down to business, I think Jeremy got mad at me for sending him a SMS at the wee hour of dawn (in Malaysia) and the content of the SMS was something like, "TMD la you, bla, bla, bla."

Yes, me and my foul mouth.

I was already shaken for the whole of last night. I can go langgar dinding already la.

I woke up at 7.54 a.m. and never in history for the past years I've gotten up so early except that I got classes and yes, today, I was awaken by a dream. Thus, I saw there, thinking hard and at 8.04 a.m. my brother called and asked me out for breakfast. Geez... I didn't even have the appetite for any food but he somehow ordered a tosai, which was so not nice, and asked me to finish it.

Ah, nothing interesting happens these days and I don't really have any inspiration on what to blog about too. Life is too monotonous nowadays. Promise, I'll update as soon as something interesting takes place.

I'm feeling bad up until now... What is happening to me?

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