Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Out of being-too-free and murderous lame-ness...

Well, first of all, you cannot blame me for being too free. I'm a fresh graduate and I'm taking a break from studying at the time being. So, it should be known to all that I'm super-duper free right now and have nothing better to do at home.

Yes, I'm stuck at home because mum said I SHOULD stay indoor as I've been very outgoing ever since I got back a month ago.

Enough say. Let me present to you... my future children...

Oh, right... children... The left pictures are supposed to be daughters while the right pictures are supposed to be sons.

And now, presenting the first picture... taaaa-daaaaah...

~ Edwina and Angel Jr. ~

What?! Guys cannot take the name of "Angel" meh? You never watch the series "Angel" meh? Then, go watch-laa.

Muahaha... How come our daughter and son take over the look of daddy more than mummy? Like that really not fair-laa. I don't want like that...

Now, presenting the second picture...

~ Alwina and Alvin ~
WTF! The second picture totally looks like a guy!!! Yes, it's meant to be a son rather than a daugther but I think my genes are more dominant here. Yay, I'm happy!

The third picture would be me, with the ever-so-famous Jeremy...

~ Alchemy and Jeremiah ~

I mentioned that the left picture supposed to be a girl but it turned out to be both guys for the morphing of Jeremy and I. How come? Jeremy's genes more dominant? No... it couldn't be...

The story of Angel and the guys ends here and now, I'm going to tell you a story of Angel and the girls.

1. Angel and Alice.

~ Alicia and Alina ~

It turned out that both of the pictures look more girlish than macho... Alice, you just see for yourself - our kacukan.

2. Angel and Mimi.

~ Angelimi and Mimilicious ~

I like this one... At least it didn't turn out to be as scary as expected. Muahaha... Or should I say that yours truly is pretty and Mimi is even prettier?

3. Angel and Wendy.

~ Princess and Princessy ~

OMMFG!!! I super *heart* this combination. No wonder people often say pretty girls always stay in a group. Yes, we are pretty.

4. Angel and Loonie.

~ Looney and Loonay ~

These two pictures look so macho. Loonie and I can produce macho kids in future. Haha.
5. Angel and Gigi.

~ Gugu and Gaga ~

OMG... Why the two pictures look more Gigi-ish rather than Angel-ish? Eh, my genes are supposed to be dominant one, okay?

6. Angel and Sandy.

~ Sandra ~

Wuah... How come Sandy's genes are more dominant than mine? Not fair, not fair, not fair!!!

7. Me and ma stupid sister.

~ Diangelina ~

WTF! Hahaha... I know the name sounds weird but never mind - no big deal! Haha. Mum said the picture looks so devilish!

Thus, I end my share of pictures. Now, am going to present to you, Alice's share of pictures. Muahaha... I'm so devilish!

1. Alice and Mimi.

~ Alicimia ~

Muahaha... Look at the combination of the teeth. Even Mimi was laughing her heart out when I showed her the picture. Haha. Alice, don't kill me...

2. Alice and Sandy.

~ Alicidy ~

Alice should thank me for finding such a nice name for her future generation. Muahaha... Sandy more dominant here.

3. Alice and Alwin.

~ Alwice ~

I know what you think - Alice, I salute you for being soooooo dominant, even more dominant than Alwin. Haha.

4. Alice and Gigi.

~ Giglice ~

Muahahaha... Even the name sounds so lice-y. Muahahaha... Kill me for this... Fast, fast, kill me. Haha... Alice sure will kill me without me asking her to do that.

5. Alice and Loonie.

~ Aloonie ~

Alice, feel like choking me already? Then, come back faster! I'll be waiting for you. Muahaha...

6. Alice and Wendy.

~ Wendlice ~

TMD - this one looks better than mine. I should strangle Alice for being more lenglui than me!

Okay, okay, no more of Alice's story. Now, I'm going to proceed to Wendy's story. Muahaha. I hope she doesn't kill me when she sees this.

1. Wendy and Mimi - The heavenly kacukan.

~ Wendimi ~

OMFFG... How can this happen? Can you actually see it? The pairing of Wendy and Mimi looks so pretty! Really pretty - perhaps the prettiest so far! I'm so envious!

2. Wendy and Alwin.

~ Alwendy ~

Muahaha... Kesian their daughter... Apa macam look like that? Mummy so beautiful and daddy so handsome, how can this happen?

P/S - Please don't strangle me after you've read this post, everyone.


Alice said...

ROFL.. ini budak memang cari mati la.. U wait la.. I will send back bombs from UK. U just wait. Hahahahaha but good thing also, now i know my genes are that powerful.. muahaha

cibol said...

itu macam pun ada ka? serupa ituexperiment tak jadi mia leh ..

Angel Valerie said...

alice - come, come, im still waiting. how come ur bombs havent get here yet. eh, im tired of waiting la, kakak. muahahaha.

cibol - experiment memamg tak jadi. haha.

Jeremy said...

WALAO!!!!!!!!!!! I just realized it!!!!!!!!! I thought I was safe!!! i nearly had heart attack!!

Angel Valerie said...

jeremy, dont worry, u didnt die, i know... because u're still commenting here. haha.

Jeremy said...

nearly had only ma... of cos still alive la... aih...