Saturday, June 14, 2008

I just love to annoy you

The BF and I went out with a couple of friends the other day and that was the first time we actually went out. Yeah, no mistake, that was the FIRST time we went out together ever since we got back to Sibu since a month ago.

What can be done? We were too busy with our own stuffs - him with his job and me, with my girlie stuffs. Yes, I'm very girlishly girlie indeed.

You may puke at that.

It was a meet up with few other friends as well and guess what I did? I was late! I was TERRIBLY late! Paiseh... I thought I could drive there but it turned out that I had to ask somebody to drop me there because mum was home late and I couldn't drive there.

I felt like an alien when I finally got there because everyone was waiting for me, thus, the BF asked, "Is there anything else you're good at?"

My answer was sarcastic enough, "Yes, I'm good at being late for dates."


Our REAL DATE was not until the time he sent me home after the meet up. So, there we were, in his car...
BF: Are you sure you wanna leave Sibu?
Me: Do I look like I have other choices?
BF: Yeah, unless you marry me now, then, you don't have to leave.
Me: Right, right, then, propose to me now.
BF: No, I need to find more girlfriends before I propose to you.
Me: You may if you don't mind being bashed up by ME.
It struck me all of a sudden that the BF took the wrong turning, so, our topic was diverted to another topic when I yelled at him to stop.
BF: Are you trying to kill the people on the street?
Me: Where are you bringing me? My house is that way!
BF: I know the way to your house, don't worry!
Me: You should use that way, not this way!
BF: I'm bringing you back to my place tonight.
Me: You may if you want me to RAPE you tonight.
BF: No, no, don't rape me YET, I still wanna be a virgin.
BF craps a lot... Sometimes, he makes me speechless over his speeches. How lame can he get? Then, it started again - I yelled for the second time for him to stop. I don't remember having him coming to my place since we got to know each other when we were 16. I was very doubtful that he knows my place.
BF: (steps on the brake) What now?
Me: Turn to your left.
BF: Why left?
Me: Don't tell me you've forgotten my place. Move, move! Don't stop in the middle of nowhere!
BF: You're the one who asked me to stop but what if I do remember your place? Do I get anything from it?
Me: How about a treat? A treat from you for me. Sounds good, right?
BF: (looks at me annoyingly)
The SMART BF of mine does know my place after all. No, he didn't get any present from me but I still get my treat. It might not be soon since both of us will be leaving Sibu next week. So, before I got out of his car, he stopped me and said...

"I know I always make you mad but that's not my main purpose - I just want you to keep talking to me because I know it'll be for months until we get to meet again."

That was touching but in the end, he added this...

"And I'll miss your SILLY and FUNNY expressions!"



Jeremy said...

hahahaha.... i totally like the last sentence....

Angel Valerie said...

because u said that to me once as well just before i left for KL three years ago n i remember it to this very day!

bad u.