Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Life after graduating...

Finally, I've graduated.

Submitted my FYP two weeks ago and so far, everything is good... We even cam-whored with our FYP, aherm... Alice and I.

Pardon the lousy pictures - the quality of the pictures is not lousy, it's only the subjects in the pictures are. I know I look like a zombie in the picture. Of course I do look zombie-ish. All of us spent days and nights trying to get our FYP done. Alice on the other hand, super power, you know. She went two to three nights without sleep to finish her FYP!

If you think doing FYP is an easy job, let me tell you, doing FYP is not easy! Even if you have good command in languages, it doesn't mean FYP is peanut. Some people tell me, FYP is super easy and it only takes 2 days to finish it.


If FYP is so easy, why do students spend a year to do it? Now, you tell me. I got irritated whenever I think about what people said.

Okay, enough of craps.

If you wanna know about how I feel now, I'd say... I'm officially jobless now and yet - I'm still sitting here and doing nothing about it.

I am happy that the university years ended but then, I'm so going to miss my girls... all of them... YW, PL, PX, MW, Loonie, Gigi, Cherry, YT, Alice bla, bla, bla, bla, bla...

It'll be for a while before I get to see them again in three months' time. Meanwhile, if any of you happen to stumble upon this entry of mine, take good care of yourselves and we'll see each other again in August!

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