Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Of J. Co and Big Apple...

Okay, the doughnuts' deal - Is it going to be J. Co or Big Apple?

I was out with Loonie, Gigi and YT yesterday to 1 Utama and it so happened I saw this newly opened Big Apple's branch at 1 Utama. Previously, it wasn't there. Then, Loonie suddenly asked if I've tried Big Apple's doughnuts or not because according to her, "The Alien" is really nice. YT didn't give any comments but just shook her head and said, "I prefer J. Co doughnuts."

A thought came across my mind, maybe YT was right because... just look at the picture below and try searching for differences or similarities...

Can you spot the differences or similarities? Yes, yes, there are only differences and no similarities. First of all, in front of Big Apple's entrance, there are two cam-whores cam-whoring and besides that???

Yes, you're smart. There are crowds queueing up for J. Co's doughnuts almost everyday while for Big Apple, I don't know what happened to their doughnuts that nobody is queueing up for the doughnuts.

Yayayaya, kill the sinful those sinful doughnuts if you ever gain weight eating them!

Right, I was searching hard for the cheese-flavoured doughnuts at Big Apple and to my disappointment, the doughnuts didn't seem to be fully covered with cheesy just like from cheese-me-up from J. Co.

To think that I could be on cloud nine after eating Big Apple's not-that-cheesy doughnut, you're wrong. Sigh... I miss cheese-me-up from J.co now. Since Alice is not around for the time being, there's no one who can accompany me to J. Co.

Ah, I forgot something, Ed, I kinda got few pictures from your entry because I've lost those pictures of doughnuts from J. Co that we took the other day.

At the end of the day, personally, I still prefer J. Co and now, I'm wishing for J. Co to open it's first franchise in Sarawak.

End of doughnuts' stories. Go to bed now, kids!


Dwinz said...

i wish J.co will open in KCH! haha
but for now Big A will do for me... they are not that bad actually... but the design leaves one... errr...

Angel Valerie said...

hehehe... we'll pray hard for J. Co together then. i wish for it to open at Sarawak because then, i dont have hesitancy of going back there after this. haha.

a doughnut lover, i am.

Jeremy said...

try krispy kreme.

Angel Valerie said...

no Krispy Kreme in Malaysia yet la, Jeremy. u open its franchise here, okie?

then, i'll be super grateful to u but preferably in Sarawak.

LydiaKong said...

yeaaa. they said krispy kreme is the best of all. LOLL.

for me its just the same. =.=''

LydiaKong said...


the krispy kreme i bought all the way back from melb.

mum and the rest dun really like it either. and even plan to throw it away.

when cousin found out she was totally furious. ahahahaha.

LydiaKong said...


this one

LydiaKong said...

weird...cannot copy link. nvmlah.