Sunday, April 13, 2008

The BIG two three

I know it's going to be boring for readers to read this entry because guess what? It'll be about my previous birthday for once again. It will still be about the so-called disasterous-birthday ever.

The disasterous part happened because of submission of assignment and thesis. If it's not because of those two things, my birthday wouldn't be considered as 'disasterous.' Looking back now, I don't think my birthday was that disasterous after all. You see...

First of all, throughout my 23 years old living in this world... I've never had even one expensive birthday cakes but this year, my destiny changed. Muahahaha... My buddies got me a cake from Secret Recipe. Yeah, no mistake, it's White Chocolate Macadamia with the freaking price of RM6.50 per piece. Hell no, they didn't just get one or two pieces for me, they bought the WHOLE cake for me!!!

Muahaha... Just imagine how happy I was even though I couldn't finish the whole cake as what they instructed me to do. I just took one slice and pass the rest to other friends. See how thoughtful I am? I always am thoughtful.

I know the writings on the cake looked ugly but I can't help it, those people from Secret Recipe doesn't even know how to write nicely or maybe using the right colour instead of using RED. Nevertheless, the cake was great and it's always great for me.

Too bad, I got sick of cakes the following day. When YW, MW, PX and PL bought just a slice of...

... it reminded me of the White Chocolate Macadamia. Yeah, the Green Tea Cheese Cake from ZEN was really nice. Perhaps, nicer than the White Chocolate Macadamia. Maybe I should switch from being a Secret Recipe's fan to Zen's. For your information, ZEN is Secret Recipe's branch but their cakes just somehow, don't taste and look alike.

Forget cakes... I've had enough of cakes - at least at the nearest times. You know what... The best present is yet to be presented. Hehe... Yeah, when I mean the best, it does mean the best.

I was busy running from third floor to second floor and from second floor to first floor because of something on my birthday when I received an SMS from Ed, asking me to quickly fly (metaphor) home to SS2. Well, I couldn't fly home because I had to wait for Alwin. Alwin was taking his sweet time at the library before he could send me home.

So, when I got back to SS2, I saw a package lying on my bed... Yeah, it was from Ed. So, with curiousity I took the package and a lots of thoughts were whirling in my mind. Thoughts like...

this a pillow case?"
"Is this a foldable bedsheet?"
"Is this a t-shirt?"

Ah... I know I was being lame but the package felt soft. That was why all my guesses were related to something cloth-y.

So, I took out my pen-knife and open the envelope. The order of opening the envelope is shown below...

I was already screaming with disbelief when I saw it. It was so unexpected, you know? I was really expecting something from AUSSINO because Ed was telling me something about bedsheet the day before the package got here.

Okay, I'll forget the craps and go straight to the point. So, this is the thing inside the package...

Cute, ain't it? I know, right? You know, the moment I saw it, I really couldn't wait to put it around my neck. The stone attached to the little mousey is a moonstone. I didn't know about it until Ed told me so. Hey, it's really cute... If only you can see me, wearing it. I'm cuter.

Ah, that would be all about my BIG two three... Ed, thanks again, for the the best birthday present ever!

Yes, to all friends who sent SMS-es to me on my birthday, thanks a lot! I love you all!


Dwinz said...

LOL... its not bedsheet la... why would I wanna send bedsheet to you!

Glad that u love the present... took quite sometime to choose le....

Angel Valerie said...

i thought only... u know la, imagination can run wild some times. hahaha...

so, it took u how long to figure out that it's "the one" by the way?