Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Taiwan - Day 7, 8 and 9

Finally, the last chapter of my Taiwan trip!

Basically, the itinerary below shows our last few days in Taipei, Taiwan.

We were too tired to drag ourselves out for breakfast on day 7, hence we bought light breakfast from 7-Eleven since we were too hungry. I remember we wanted to eat at Din Tai Fung @ Yong Kang Street but due to the outlet only starts to operate at 9am, we figured out we should at least eat something light to avoid gastric.

Then, we proceeded to Yong Kang Street. Once we reached Din Tai Fung, the queue was quite long so, two of us waited in the queue while three of us went snack-hunting along Yong Kang Street.

I saw something familiar - roti canai!

I told Aaron I had to have it - roti canai has never looked better! They do have a number of selections available to satisfy your taste buds! We settled for ham and cheese!


It was NTD$65 - probably one the most roti-canai I have ever eaten in my whole life!

We managed to get the infamous shaved ice with mango too!

Pretty expensive too - approximately RM20 once converted into Malaysian Ringgit.

Seriously, we have better mangoes in Malaysia so, I don't think I would be getting this if I ever came back to Taiwan. Nothing much to shout about.

Okay, here's a we-fie while queuing up outside Din Tai Fung.

Finally, after about half an hour, we were ushered to the 3rd floor and saw a table waiting for us. To our delight, we were ushered into a private dining room!

We were more than just delighted!

In less than 10 minutes, food was served.

Now you tell me, do we that that kinda service in Malaysia? I don't mind paying fees for this kinda service! They were so polite to us too!

A picture of me and the bun.

Pardon my lousy expression - I was too full to even smile for pictures.

Food was splendid and price was cheaper comparing to what we pay in Malaysia. Well, can't blame anyone since Din Tai Fung is a Taiwanese chained restaurant.

After our satisfying meal, we headed to Taipei 101 and some other nearer tourist spots.

We took a lot of touristy pictures, of course.

We put on a lot of funny acts.

After some shopping sprees and sight-seeing around Taipei 101, we headed to Ximending at around 7pm. At the time we got there, there wasn't much crowds. We made our way to Le Ye BBQ Buffet since all of us craved for meat!

Priced at approximately NTD$690, it wasn't cheap. I guess we could find a more decent BBQ buffet restaurant in Malaysia.

We digged in and after two hours, we were stuffed. We decided we needed to walk around for a bit.

Ximending actually came alive after 9pm.

Crowds started to pour in and vendors started to operate. We were seeing more and more bargains! Prices were so much cheaper comparing to what we had seen in Wufenpu.

I finally bought some stuffs for myself - a belt and a shirt.

I managed to find Sophisca, a chocolate outlet that sells obscenely packed chocolates. Well, that's their specialty. Worry no more because I believe Sophisca is finally available in our neighouring country, Singapore.

All those chocolates were bought for stupid sister just because I love her so much and want to fatten her up more!

We left Ximending at around 12am back to our hostel. What a nice way to end day 7.

On day 8, which was our last day in Taipei, we planned to visit Xin Beitou but due to Typhoon Soudelor, it was closed for one week. At the same time, Helen and Aaron were down with food poisoning and we were not able to do much that day.

 We went out around noon and decided that we had to go to Danshui if it's not Beitou.

Grabbed quick lunch at random restaurant because we had two sick people around. They were not able to eat much.

Late lunch was over and we took a walk along the pier of Danshui during sunset.

The view was majestic.

On our way back to the MRT station, we passed by this ice-cream vendor that sells sky-high ice-cream for just NTD$35. We had to try all flavours out! We ended up buying all the flavours but I wasn't quite enjoying myself since I didn't feel quite like it.

Those ice-creams were for picture purposes honestly.

Our last day at Danshui ended with yet another shopping spree at Ximending. I had few thousands of Taiwanese dollars to use up since I didn't spend much earlier. I bought quite a number of perfumes there ranking from Jimmy Choo and Calvin Klein. I couldn't believe perfumes were so much cheaper in Taiwan!

We got back to our hostel at around 11pm and from then again, packed our luggage, showered and tucked in.

We left Taiwan on day 9 - early morning flight back to Kota Kinabalu.

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