Monday, April 23, 2012

May the odds be forever in your favour

Sounds familiar, right?

I guess this phrase has been used over and over and over by so many people in so many blogs or maybe even in reality over and over and over again, right?

If you are not aware of it yet, I'm sure you have heard about The Hunger Games.

I wasn't really intrigued with the idea of catching that movie when hommie asked me to go with her because I have my Movie Pet Peeves. Lemme tell you about them.

  1. If the trailer doesn't attract me, the movie just won't attract me to it.
  2. I don't really fancy movies that revolve life in slums or stuffs like that.
  3. I am someone who gets attracted to the characters in a movie so, if the characters in a movie are not of the WOW factors, then, I won't be catching that movie.

Talking about my movie pet peeves, yeah, The Hunger Games just didn't seem to be appealing enough but since hommie went like, "Yer, yer, yer, yer... c'mon, let's go for The Hunger Game, please, pretty please?"

I gave in so off I went to Cineleisure with her.

Thus, the movie started. Honestly, I hate to admit this but I was kinda intrigued with all the hairstyles of all the characters in the movie! The first person in the movie that caught my attention was definitely Effie Trinket.

Hahahaha... who would even come out of the house, looking like that in this era? So, there was something different in The Hunger Game after all.

Like I've mentioned, the hairstyles of all the characters in the movie really intrigued me and of course, this means the hairstyles of Katniss Everdeen that was played by Jennifer Lawrence.

I have always wanted to wear a side braid but then again, I hate to admit this fact - I am really lousy and clumsy at styling my hair. The only hairstyle that I can pull off is stick straight hair that I have been keeping and maintaining for years.

Oh, if you're wondering, my hair is ORIGINALLY stick straight. I did not go for rebonding or even straightening. I do have a love-hate relationship with my straight hair actually. When I wanna try out different curls, my straight hair can NEVER hold curls. Within 4 to 5 hours, the curls would be gone and there I would be, with straight hair again. I have to use tons and tons of styling products to keep whatever hairstyles I did on my hair.

However, the best part about my straight hair, when I run late in the morning, I usually can just use my fingers to comb through my hair and voila, I'm all done!

This time around, I intended to re-create a side braid inspired by Katniss. My challenge was to do a side fishtail braid instead of the normal braid because my hair is not as thick as Jennifer's so, I can't never complete that look #failmax.

FML because I went through great deal of troubles trying to braid my straight hair. My hair just would not sit still in braid! The braid kept on going loose even before I was done with it.

How annoying could that get, right?

After trying for a good 5 to 10 minutes, finally, I did it!

There you go, a side fishtail braid inspired by Katniss Everdeen.

It was super difficult to create the hairstyle on myself because my hands are always flimsy when it comes to hairstyles. I tried to tighten the braid on the top of my head but after 2 hours, the braid went loose. Anyway, here is a picture of how the braid looks like from the top.

My apologies that I took this picture only after 2 hours and not directly after I've done with the braid.

I am not a professional hairstylist, so, I need a something to hold the end of my braid hence... I used a hairband to fasten it!

I told you about my hair, right? The stick straight strands just won't sit still so, I guess what you can see in the picture says it all.

I love this side braid so much that I have worn it quite a number of times last week.

Here's a picture of my other attempt because I wanted to make it neater but again #failmax.

I like how my other attempt looked from the top. Despite of still being too loose, I think the messier this hairstyle is, the better it looks in real life.

Hence, I tried so many times to take the picture below from the right angle as I don't have eyes on top of my head, I spent almost 2 to 5 minutes, trying to get the perfect angle!

Here's a picture of the messiness of the hairstyle! Hahahaha... I really am not a professional hairstylist but still, I enjoy doing this braid because the more I do it, the easier it gets!

You should try it if you're interested. There are tons of different tutorials to create this braid. I'm sure you'll find the perfect side braid inspired by Katniss Everdeen!

Alright, before I complete this entry, lemme just share a side-by-side picture of Katniss' braid and mine. Not a perfect braid but I certainly don't think I did badly too.

Before you jump into assumption, lemme just make things clear, if you are Jennifer Lawrence's fans, I do not claim I look like her nor am I trying to look like her. I am just doing a hairstyle INSPIRED by her. If you need to know what 'inspired' means, go look up the dictionary or google it up.

Oh, something extra... did Jennifer Lawrence put on weight after The Hunger Game?

It certainly looks so to me in the picture above.

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