Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yes, as the title would say it... I haven't been posting any beauty related entries. Reason is because I am busy with the dating game work and also unfortunately, my skin is in a horrible state that I think I will die if this goes on...

My skin has never been so flaky and dry before and now, this issue is getting on my nerve because my skin feels horrible at the moment I am writing this entry.

I guess there are a lot of situations that contribute to my dry and flaky skin. I've been exposed to air-conditioner like 12 to 14 hours a day and without proper skincare products, this is one of the worst factors! Secondly, due to long hours of wearing makeup products during work, I think also contributes to my horrible skin. Then again, the stress of not being able to perform at work gets on my nerve all the times!

With all these contributing issues, my skin has gotten from bad to horrible!

I thought it could be something to do with skincare products, so, I got them changed but this doesn't help at all! Sighs...

The mister said that my skin is really dry and it's peeling off like a snake's skin! Terrible! He told me not to wear too much makeup but then again, makeup is a girl's best friend, how can I not wear makeup?

I remember him telling me, "So, your dark circles are worse than mine! No wonder makeup does wonder - I thought you don't have dark circles so, concealer does really help!"

Now, you may laugh at me for wearing makeup so much. I don't even have the time to apply mask or doing anything to help. By the time I get off from work everyday, I'd be dead tired and after dinner, normally it'd be 10.30pm or 11pm when I get home. After shower, usually, I'll sleep like immediately!

Working life is ain't fun at all!

Hence... I've made up my mind. Right after I get my salary this month, Imma gonna go for facial and spa!

I should give myself a treat because I've been really trying to perform and working hard. Yes, I shall do that, so, wish me luck, people!

When my skin is in a better state, I promise I'll be back!

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Isabel said...

Don't so stress! I've been wearing much less makeup recently (I even go out bare faced alot now =/) and it feels... refreshing! I do look pale with mega panda eyes but my new hair & blue contact lenses help a lot xP