Sunday, May 16, 2010

Too many updates...

Too little time, hence, it explains why I've been going MIA for quite some time.

First, I just came back from Kuching around a week ago and life in Kuching had been pretty much hectic as there was this major family thingy. Hence, I spent most of my 2 week's time at Kuching, being with my family.

When I've got back home finally, I've so many things to do and yet, so little time too. The first thing ever on the list is still, like FOREVER AND EVER for another MILLION, BILLION, GAZILLION and BAZILLION years - dieting my worries away.

Life sucks!

No pictures for now because I don't know what kinda pictures to upload to make both - myself and you guys, feel better since I guess, my blog has been going from boring to boring-er. Don't you think so too?

Anyway, I'll be off and talk to you all soon!

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