Friday, April 23, 2010

생일축하해요, 오빠!

Today is a very special day.

Sometimes, I can't help but wonder, miracles are everywhere in this world. It's just sometimes, we don't realize these miracles, they are right next to us. They can co-exist in so many different ways. Well, for me, I'm very grateful because I have this miracle co-existing with me in my life although we are like millions of miles away. Even so, he always feels so close to me.

Hahahaha... Just like today, I was waiting for the clock to strike 12a.m. so that I could at least SMS or nudge him. I totally have forgotten it was already 1a.m. at his place.

See what I mean - I feel like he's just nearby, quite forgetting the time difference between us.

So, let's see why is today special?

I guess if you can read Korean, the above title would be translated into saeng-il chukha-haeyo, oppa, which means, Happy Birthday, Oppa!

Yes, it's oppa's birthday today and it is a special day because this is his first birthday we'll be celebrating together. Okay, not physically but at least it's emotionally.

Can you feel me, oppa? I hope you can. Hehehe...

I wish I could be celebrating this day with you in person too. Maybe in years to come, hopefully.

Since we're so far apart, hence, this is the only present I could give him...

~ saeng-il chukha-haeyo, oppa ~

Yeah, that is me with my new bangs. I just cut my hair today and loving it. Hahaha... even though it makes me look like a mushroom or perhaps, coconut.

I wanted to sing this birthday song to you but I realize I can't read the word accurately. I'll sing a birthday song to you the next time, oppa - in Korean. I promise but hahaha... it'll the very basic one because my Korean sounds funny though.

Oppa, if I were there with you, I'd be hunting for birthday cake already! I wish I could do that but since I am not able to do it this year, here... this is my cuppy cake or maybe... hahaha... cuppy biscuits in picture for you.

I didn't bake these little ones though but I helped a bit while baking these cuties in the kitchen. Maybe in years to come I'll bake one for you but... hahahaha... I can't guarantee it's taste or even look yet. Hahaha. I'm not good at baking though.

Anyway, happy birthday again, oppa! Hope you'll have a blessed birthday and also a great year ahead of you!

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