Thursday, October 1, 2009

Through thick and thin

Okay, right now, I'm pretty much in pain. You see... my ever so forgetful sister took my muscular pain relief plaster back to her place this morning and I have nothing to relief my back ache!

Ah... lucky that I've found another tube of Tiger Muscular Rub on my vanity table!

I've been relying too much on these stuffs lately that I've spent perhaps around RM50 or so just to relieve the pain while Paying like RM138 to see a physician to have my bone structure and posture corrected.

Sigh... there goes my salary again... but at least I'm feeling a little better already.

Let's talk about Mimi and Kang Wei's wedding reception that I've attended last week. The last time when I saw Mimi was last year and it's just that I couldn't believe it when she told me few months ago that she is getting married. I thought she was just joking around like she always does. Imagine, in just a year, so many things can happen.

Now, she's officially Mrs. Tan and no more Miss Chen. I was talking to Christine the night before Mimi's big day that how much I am going to miss her, especially if I ever go to their hometown and don't get to see her there, instead she'll be at Tampin with her loving husband.

Aih... I'm already reminiscing the past - those days when we were still doing our degree. That was the BEST time of my life even though there were few misunderstandings that we did face.

I mean, you see, which friendship doesn't go through trial and tribulations, right? Even me with my bestest of the bestest friend back at home did quarrel before but at the end of the day, I finally came to realization, no matter what, she is still the one who would stand with me through thick and thin.

I'm missing her too, too much. There are just so many things I want to share with her but unable to do so just through chatting online.

I have to admit Mimi, Christine and I did went through serials of misunderstandings that resulted in us, not talking to each other for the whole semester or so. Yeah, we didn't do the same course but the thing was... I wasn't happy when they were unhappy too.

There is this piece of memory that is so vivid in my mind that both Mimi and Christine were sitting on my bed, trying to comfort me when I was crying my heart out one night. Nobody else were there because everyone went back to their hometowns and they were the only two being there for me through thick and thin.

Four years have passed since the day I got to know them and one year has passed since the day we graduated - now, both of them are happily married and I'm happy for them even though I still remain unattached.

Sometimes, it does cross my mind that this world is unfair. I mean, why can't I just bump into a guy whom I can really rely on, a guy that is responsible, a guy that accepts me for who I am?

I know, a lot of you are going to tell me, "Maybe your time has not come yet. One of these days, you'll meet your Mr. Right, so don't be so desperate, okay?"

Well, desperate is just so NOT the word at least yet because I can still manage to survive and go through each and every day of life happily and hecticly.

Ah, marriage phobia as Alice put it. I used to think about marriage all the times and that was like a gazillion of years ago but now, I don't even dare to think about it.

There is this voice inside me that keep on telling myself, "Perhaps, you will never get attached this lifetime because you're destined to work hard and earn big time money."


Big time money!

I love that phrase!

Anyway, enough of craps. I don't have time for that issue right now. There are just so many things I need to do this weekend and darn... How am I going to go through this weekend?

Sigh... looks like I need to burn midnight oil, people. Wish me luck!

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