Sunday, September 27, 2009

What I have done...

Somehow, a lot of things stir me lately, particularly the age issue. I guess, finally I'm being hit by the issue of my age is catching up when I saw my best friend getting married.

Perhaps, that is one of the sole reason that can be used to explain my backache for the past 2 weeks and it got worse when I woke up this morning that I had to go to the Tit Tar or better known as the medicine man. The single visit alone costs me RM60 and although I do feel better but still, the muscles at the waist area are sore due to incorrect posture of bending down for a long period of time.

Let's see... in another one year, I would have lived for a quarter of century already and honestly, I've been through a lot of crazy things, err... not for all but at least for me I think all those memories are sufficient to last me a lifetime and counting of course.

  1. Kissed a person of the same sex. Yes, you've heard me right and I did kiss a person of the same sex and that person is one of my bestest girl friends ever and no, I certainly AM not a lesbian!

  2. Had a huge crush on my Biology teacher. He was really a hot man in his forties and until this very day, I can remember clearly his sexy, manly voice. Haha... Well, you can't blame a 16 year-old know-nothing girl, right?

  3. Been toyed by a guy whom I thought I could trust. It ended up that I was being a real idiot because I couldn't differentiate a real gentleman with a real player.

  4. Been in a relationship with somebody of a different race. I know for certain people, this could create a BIG issue, especially if the person is of a totally different religion from yours but personally I'm okay with it.

  5. Been in an abusive relationship. Most of the time, I tolerated that bastard but when it came towards the end of the relationship, I decided that I couldn't take it any longer and broke off for good. I abhor guys asking girls for money and sex!

  6. Cried myself to sleep for around 2 months or so. Perhaps I was too naive back then in love game but now, I've grown out of it. Guess for the nearest time, there will be no relationships for me.

  7. Been told that I'm cute by a stranger. I guess, that is just so ME because well, a person like me is like, pretty cute, right? Haha... Anyway, of course I was happy when he labeled me as cute!

  8. Saw a naked person in the bathroom. The incident was really funny to be honest. I got home after class one day and I was having the urge to use the washroom that I opened the washroom's door and saw my roomie inside, showering. Damn awkward, okay?

  9. Saw a penis. I didn't do it on purpose! It was an accident and I am not a sicko or a sex maniac! It so happened that I was staying over at a friend's house. I was watching TV at that time when my friend came out of the shower, walking towards his room when the towel that was used to wrap himself fell down...

  10. Being flashed at. It was my trip to Kuching and there was an evening when I was walking around at a park with my cousins when a stranger approached us and all of a sudden, took off the piece of cloth which was used to wrap himself up. We all saw his erect member!

  11. Tried to lose weight so much that I fainted. I have to admit that weight loss is never easy. Just because I wanted to lose weight, I went through 3 days and 3 nights without solid food and on the fourth day, I fainted while I was in the church and it so happened that that day was a Good Friday.

  12. Watched the sun rise with the person who taught me a lot about life. He is a close friend, just like a brother and we talked through the night until dawn when we saw the first sun rise. By the way, it was really a romantic moment at the beach that I wished the person next to me was somebody else and not him.

  13. Being told that I am a backstabber. There is no perfect person in this world but just one thing I'm pretty certain of myself, I don't backstab people unless you force me to and I really dislike people talking badly of me behind me.

  14. Being told that I am romantic. Am I? Well, I don't know because I don't think I am as I only do things that I think are worth it for the other person.

  15. Being laughed and looked down at. It all happened because I was the fat kid on the block and people often associate fat with clumsy and stupid.

  16. Overworked myself. I took up 4 jobs last May because I wanted to earn a little bit of extra cash for my trip to Bangkok. Worked 24/7 with my arse off and fainted twice because I was too tired.

I've lost count. I think there are more but somehow, at this point of time, I cannot seem to be able to recall any. Well... let's leave them for another day!

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