Monday, August 10, 2009


I have finally submitted my very first resignation letter today.

After that I felt so bad, just like I'm a villain in those fairy tales.

I don't like it a bit.

Actually I love my job at Starbucks, it's just that the job scope itself is too tiring and the pay isn't much. I don't mind if they pay like RM8 to RM10 per hour but my salary per hour is just half of that and honestly, it's a little depressing because when you check your salary at the end of the month, after your hard work, OT and all - you don't earn enough to pay your rental, utilities and also to cover your spending.

In May, despite of all the OT, back-to-back from 7am to 10pm, working 6 to 7 days a week, I earned less than RM500 and it was honestly a little depressing to see the amount of salary as I was trying to save for my Bangkok trip.

My total salary that month was RM469 to be exact.

Imagine working like an ant. The number of days or amount of time spent at Starbucks is nothing but it's just that the job is so tiring, especially when you've to do cafe every morning or night? At the same time, the cleaning tasks and all are really tiring.

Well, honestly, even at home, I don't do all those tasks but when I started work at Starbucks last December, I had to do everything. I don't complain because I have learned a lot, especially the right ways to do things.

Somehow, I also discovered one of the best things in life - friendship through work.

I appreciate all the little things that everyone has done for me and also teaching me to do whole lotsa things.


Just lemme me... I'll be fine in a day or two. It's just the aftermath of letting something you really like doing go, that's all.

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