Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

Yes, I'm still very much upset and frustrated over what happend yesterday. For this time, I can't find anywhere in my heart to just let go of my frustration...

Let's just set aside what I am feeling now for someting else that is more meaningful. So, today, 28th of March 2009, from 8.30pm to 9.30pm, is the Earth Hour. I bet you guys are more than just aware of this thing than me, right?
Basically, all you need to do is just to switch off the lights and have yourself a merry little candlelight dinner. Alice suggested 10 things to do with the lights switched off and I think some of her ideas are pretty fun, you might want to check them out!
Well, at the same time, lemme suggest some others in addition to Alice's although mine would be more than just ridiculous.
1. Find something to quarrel with your other half.
2. Play monopoly of scrabble with candlelight.
3. Go to shopping complexes and you might see Amber Chia in dark, who knows?
4. Paint yourself black so that you'll become invisible.
5. Play with your pets.
6. BBQ at Titiwangsa.
7. Lie down with your other half and tell him or her how much you appreciate him or her.
8. SMS-ing anyone.
9. Calling your BFFs and have a conference with them.
10. Just do anything you want!
Sorry, guys, my mood has not completely recovered from the disappointment I've gotten yesterday. So, my mind is kinda not working so well that I couldn't even do my assignments that are going to due on next Thursday. How cool is that?
No stories on that for now. Anyway, please do your part in the Earth Hour and enjoy that one hour without lights on. Tomorrow or so, tell your friends about what you do in that one hour.
As for me, I'll be grieving through that one hour for what happened yesterday... Yes, I know I'm useless, so just scram!

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